The last piece of the puzzle to earn a muscle-up on the rings or a bar. This drill focuses on the transition from the top of the pull-up to the bottom of the dip. Once an athlete has at least a 1.25 x BW Strict Pull-up and 1.25x BW Strict Dip on Parallel Bars,  the final piece to the equation is to strengthen the shoulder rotation ( Shoulder Extension)

Example: If the athletes weighs 200lbs then they must person a strict pull-up with minimum 50lbs added to their body weight and 50lbs Strict Dip. If the prerequisite strength is neglected then the athlete will have a lot of difficulty learning this skill.

The points of performance on the movement:

  • Distance between the boxes: 1 Cubit (aka: Shoulder width)
  • Starting in Full Locked out position
  • Full dip first, then elbows move backwards, then away at 90 degrees.
  • the under arm must make contact with the apparatus
  • Elbows push down, shoulders roll forward
  • Finish with full extension of arms

Scaling options:

It is critical that someone is there to help spot the athlete through the movement for the first stages of learning, to allow proper development and correct sequence of movement.
A box can be placed in front of the athlete as a form of assistance, this allows part of the body weight to be displaced onto the box, giving less resistance on the shoulders for an easier load. When several multiple reps are successful, the box height can be increase to a higher plane, this will place a higher amount of body weight through the shoulders and help increase strength.

An  INCORRECT movement to be avoided is when the arms and shoulders to not move in together, but move one at a time. If this is happening then the athlete must begin to scale back, either lowering the box to decrease load or have the spotter give more assistance to the movement.

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