I have worked tirelessly around the world the last five years within this CrossFit community.  I am honored to be a part of such a grand scheme of fitness and grow CrossFit’s community.  Working toward developing a team of like minded folks with varied backgrounds and expertise within gymnastics, fitness, and body movement in order to better serve trainers, coaches, and CrossFit faithful.  My goals are evolving to move like minded individuals toward basic strength needs and beyond to that of advanced body awareness and movement.  We want to teach you to coach, spot, study, and recognize all needs for the community we serve.

I believe their is no higher calling than to offer service – and we look forward to serving you.  Please let us know how we can all be of service.


  • Director of CrossFit Gymnastics
  • Competitive Gymnast in the 70’s
  • TCU Gymnastic and Cheer Coach from 95’ – 01’
  • Head Coach for GSX Tumbling Skills program 06, 10’
  • CEO of GSX Athletics & GSX CrossFit
  • Guest Speaker for USGA Congress
  • Author of Breaking Parallel
  • Inventor of the Iron Beam
  • Owner of Gymnos LLC
  • Part time cowboy now at the T5 Ranch!
  • Former FWFD TX, Firefighter, Bomb Tech and Arson Investigator for 20 years

When I am not following my passions I like to live life to its fullest…