Muscle Ups

Muscle Up

The swing is a skill in and of itself. A lot of success can be made in pursuing the uprise or kipping muscle up if more time is spent just getting familiar with how to swing on the rings.

2 Variations of catches on the rings - Low Catch - High Catch

A few different dynamic muscle up variations - Knee Driven Kip for the Dip - Heel Driven Kip for the Dip - High Catch Press Out

Slow and controlled movement to build strength and to work on proper positions. In order: - Negatives - Pull & Pause - Pull & Transition - Pull, Transition, Support

These are a great way to practice dynamic transitions but in a safe environment. It is highly encourage to get comfortable with these transitions before trying them on high rings. Two variations: From the forearms From the upper arms

Two muscle up training variation: - 2 for 1 Transitions - 2 for 1 Dips