Jeff Tucker

Subject Matter Expert

Tucker has worked tirelessly around the world the last five years within this CrossFit community. He continues to develop a team of like minded folks with varied backgrounds and expertise within gymnastics, fitness, and body movement in order to better serve trainers, coaches, and CrossFit faithful.


A note from Tuck

My goals are evolving to move coaches and athletes toward basic strength needs and beyond to that of advanced body awareness and movement.  We want to teach you to coach, spot, study, and recognize all needs for the community we serve.


There is no higher calling

Service is the highest calling we have to offer one another; there is no higher calling. I encourage you all to offer service to your fellow man no matter what level of service you are called to give. 


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"I cant thank CrossFit and Greg enough for being a part of this, it has changed my life."   - Jeff Tucker

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