Air Squat Movement Demo

Loading up unilaterally. The toe nail spot helps with balance and to assist in strength for the movement.

Using a counter balance like a kettle bell, dumbbell, etc. this is helpful if an athlete has a tendency to fall back.

Foot in front but allowing the heel to contact the floor to maintain balance.

Pistol (Single Leg Squat) Movement Demo

Bring the feet together to narrow the base of support.

Unilateral loading but requiring more balance and strength then the toe nail spot progression. By keeping a foot behind the supporting leg it eliminates the issue of tight hamstrings.

Using a plate, board, or oly shoes to elevate the heel. This is very effective for individuals with limited ankle mobility.

This is an assessment used to test an athletes ankle mobility, balance, and hip mobility. Limited ROM indicates limitations in squatting based movements which will become more and more apparent as the difficulty of squat increases (air squat, back squat, front squat, OHS, Pistol)