Pull Ups

First drill is a lat activation getting use to engaging lats. The second drill is lat engagement with a pause before initiating the pull. The third drill is the ring row, the sequencing is lats engage when pulling.

This drill is designed to reinforce good positions while maintaining body control. Pause at Lat active hollow, pause at neutral, pause at tight arch, pause back at neutral and repeat.

This drill is for athletes who have a strict pull up and have also been practicing the beat swing and are ready to connect the two elements. Start with just one pull up and maintain control over the swing. Once this is mastered the athlete is ready to do more than one kipping pull up.

Kipping Pull Up

First drill is lat activation on the bar. Second drill is lat activation with a pause before pulling up. The third drill is the Pull Up, lats activate while pulling up and the shoulders follow an natural line of action back and up simultaneously.

The swing is a skill in and of itself. The goal is to find timing, tempo, & rhythm all while maintaining control. A good test is to stop on command before disengaging from the bar.

This drill is designed to test whether the swing can be controlled while adding in a pull up on every other swing. Once this drill is mastered connecting multiple 1 for 1's will feel much easier.

This is a demonstration of what the movement sequencing is like if you were to slow down the kipping pull up. The main thing to observe is the press away from the bar at the top, opposed to dropping straight down.