Wednesday August 16th 2017

A: Accumulate 2:00 in HS inside a 36" square

B: 8x3 Strict HSPU*

*If HSPU are easy, add tempo, or move to free standing, wall facing etc. To maximize time under tension

C: For Time: 40 Kipping HSPU



Monday August 12th 2017

A: Spend 10 minutes maximizing tension throughout the entire muscle up. 

  • 3 postion muscle up work
  • Negatives
  • Tempo Muscle ups

*Utilize one of the three to develop control through each phase of the movement. 

B. Accumulate 50 Swing to Ring Row



Wednesday August 9th 2017

A: 10x1 Strict Pull up* 

*If easy, increase tempo till maximal effort

B: 30 Tap/Kip/Beat Swings 

C: 10x3 Kipping Pull up*

*Rest as little as needed. No butterfly 

D: 30 Strict Pull Up



Thursday July 20th 2017

15 Min AMRAP 

5 Burpee Tuck Jump 

7 Strict Pull Up 

10 Burpee Tuck Jump

7 Strict Pull Up

15 Burpee Tuck Jump

7 Strict Pull Up

20 Burpee Tuck Jump

7 Strict Pull Ups

---Continue increasing burpees by 5



Tuesday July 18th 2017

For time:

15 foot Rope climb, 5 ascents

145 pound Clean and jerk, 5 reps

15 foot Rope climb, 4 ascents

165 pound Clean and jerk, 4 reps

15 foot Rope climb, 3 ascents

185 pound Clean and jerk, 3 reps

15 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents

205 pound Clean and jerk, 2 reps

15 foot Rope climb, 1 ascent

225 pound Clean and jerk, 1 rep



Monday July 17th 2017

A: Find a max length Unbroken Hollow hold 

B: Take 20% off of that set, and repeat sets in that time frame till its as hard as your max set

C: 50 Tuck-Pike-Straddle complex