Volume Friday. Just a basic EMOM with probably the least loved movement, next to burpees if you're bad at them. Take this time to not only work your pistol, but practice them. Its not enough to just bounce out a bunch of reps, work your positions, balance, and coordination. There are plenty of scaling options from candlestick to pistol, seated, banded seated, over head assisted etc.. Perhaps the biggest problem with pistol development with people is the lack of identification of restriction. For some its range of motion, or "mobility" for others its strength, certain circumstances both. When choosing scaling or progressions be sure to utilize the best option to scale the load not the range of motion. Meaning if you have the range of motion utilize something to assist the strength development. If you have the strength but not the ROM, choose a device to help you accomplish this full ROM safely. As for the muscle ups, be awesome, be perfect, be better. 

EMOM x20 

10 Pistols Even Min

3 Strict Muscle Ups Odd min