Max Effort Monday! There appears to be a trend in the Community these days. Everyone wants to get better at CrossFit, but they want to work on everything except CrossFit. Lets assume for a second that you're all here to become better CrossFitters, and not to become better gymnasts. Because this would probably be a pretty bad program to follow for that. Our point is that you've most likely landed here, because in every CrossFit workout that has a gymnastics component, you find yourself landing at the bottom of the board. Congratulations, you're in the right place. Practice and progression is one thing, specialization is another. We see lots of people go off the wagon in pursuit of their weakness, chasing them to the point they are almost specializing. By specializing I am referring to the loss of another skill or modality to develop one. In order to be a great CrossFitter you all know you have to be adept at all tasks, and not necessarily a specialist in another... All this just to say, don't forget that in order to be a better CrossFitter, sometimes, (most times) the place you need to start is CrossFit.

Max Effort

A)3 Min Max Reps Strict Pull Up

B) 3 Min Max Reps Ring Dips