Volume accumulation day. Lets talk about what volume means as it relates to gymnastics as opposed to traditional training modalities. In many aspects of physical training, stimulus is stimulus. Meaning that to do any work will result in adaptation. This rings true in gymnastics as well, except it can be a detriment if not careful Take todays work for example, the standards are clear, a muscle up and a dip, for a plethora of reps. We know that were always looking for virtuosity but what happens when we add the element or risk of failure? If we are achieving the standard are we not completing the task? The answer is yep, but that does not suggest that this is how we should train. In gymnastics Volume more directly refers to your capacity to perform flawlessly, although standards are defined as point a to b, the efficiency and fluidity in which we train to do so is far more important than checking the box. Keep this in mind today as you work through the complex. It is a basic ring strength complex, or ladder. Rest as needed to accomplish the task as required, scale as necessary to achieve virtuosity while maintaining intensity. Do not add momentum to achieve result, if needed scale all the way back to the floor or toe nail spot. A good rep is the only good rep.

Volume: 1-5 Muscle Up + Dip ~Strict

1 MU + 1 Dip

2 MU + 2 Dip

3 MU + 3 Dip

4 MU + 4 Dip

5 MU + 5 Dip

~Rest as needed between sets, do not break