Strength accessory work. Today much like every other day here form is important. However these movements can be deceptive "sloppy". For example the Strict toe 2 bar is exactly that, strict. Engage the lat, raise the hip, make contact. Avoid momentum at all cost. Of course a swing would be an alternative scale if needed, however lets work as far as we can perfectly. The  toe nail push is a standard hollow body gymnastics push up, with a solid toe point. Not to be confused with toes down. Focus on scapular protraction and maintaining position through tension.  After the EMOM 10 reps to practice transitioning from L-Sit on Parallette to a Tuck planche. 

EMOM x10:00

Even: 5 Strict toe 2 bar

Odd: 8 Toe Nail Push Up

Then: 1x10 L-Sit to Tuck Planche