Max Effort Monday! With a twist. We all understand the context of max effort when it comes to training. However I don’t think we all equivocate that to neurological effect as well. For example the neurological demands of learning complex movement patterns such as those we advocate in the CrossFit Gymnastics course can elicit the same type of neurological fatigue, and core nervous fatigue that max effort holds and squats can. Certainly the muscular demands appear to be lower, but that doesn’t mean rule out what you cannot “feel”. In fact most if not all technique training should always take place when your are “freshest” as in well recovered, and rested, not post workout or after three days of miserable volume. The neurological capacity required to master a new skill is amazing, do yourself a favor and spend your time better. Max Effort Monday:

1) 10 Mins Front Uprise Practice

2) 7x ME Back Lever

3) 7x ME Front Lever