Accessory/technique work wednesday. How often do you just work your swings, bar, ring, beat, kip, etc? Hopefully that answer is frequently. If not todays a good day. Such a foundational movement, yet its efficacy is rarely trained. In most of the cases we have encountered as CrossFit Gymnastics coaches, the muscle up, bar muscle up, pull up etc is solely attributed to a broken swing. Perplexing, as it is one of the simplest parts of the movement to train. For todays swings make sure your body is working in unison, hollow, arch, kick, no break or kink in the system. Note where the feet are in the back swing in relation to the knees, and hips. If needed squeeze something between your feet to reinforce tension. 

Accessory work:

1a) 4x 8 Gymnastic Swing *Rings 

1b) 4x 6 Ring Fly

1c) 4x 10 Strict Ring Dip