Gymnasty! Diane +1, we all know the Diane routine, and for most it involves kicking upside down and flailing about till we've accomplished 45 reps and set a world record. Thats cool on race day, assuming those standards still stand, or you might get caught with your pants down like at regionals. What if they took it one further and said, "Diane, 21-15-9 Deadlift and HSPU.. Freestanding" (in my best Castro voice)? Well, if we've learned one thing its that theres no predicting what TDC is gonna say, you might want to be prepared. But what if you're not a competitor, think you still need do this freestanding? Well I can tell you that a freestanding hspu has a lot more real world value than a kipping hspu. Especially as it relates to fitness on the fitness wellness continuum. What were really asking for is training the highest form, to be able to compete the faster if possible. So here it is, give it a shot. Naturally if you cannot do a freestanding HSPU, the wall is an acceptable scale, or even just controlled negatives for 21-15-9 reps if you can. 


For Time:


Deadlift 225/155