Volume fridays.. A question to ponder before attempting todays work. As an athlete we all approach the task a little differently. What mindset gets you through the work, slow and steady, i-n-t-e-n-s-i-t-y, honey badger don't care, were only measured by our flaws? We won't say which one is better, but understanding the psychology of how you approach a task can pay large dividends in breaking down more complex tasks into manageable segments. We all know at CFG we are striving for virtuosity, but we love intensity too, we would be lying if we said we weren't all "Type-A's" around here too. We have just had a lot of time to learn how we as an athlete specifically break things down and manage tasks. CrossFit can be daunting, so many weaknesses so little time. Plan you're work, stick to your plan, and know when its time to ditch that plan too. Spend your time the best way you can. 


1) 7x3 Tempo HSPU 4-3-x-3 

2) 7x3 Weighted Muscle Up