So much to do, so many minutes to do it. A strict Pull up and GHD need no explanation I suspect. Except maybe to reinforce the necessity of the Hollow body in the pull-up. However the Ring archer may be foreign. This is a ring push up variation. Start in Push up support and while maintaining a straight arm lower to the bottom of your push up while extending your left arm straight out to the side, then vice versa. A Toe to bar tap is exactly what it sounds like. Toe to bar, lower to 45 and repeat for all 6 reps with control! For the Hip Hinge, start holding a bumper plate straight out in front of you, legs and arms straight. Hinge at the hip, bending over extending the plate further out with straight arms till your torso is parallel to the floor, and weight extended over head arms parallel to the floor. 



Min 1: 5 Strict Pull Up

Min 2: 8 GHD Sit Up

Min 3: 6 Ring Archer

Min 4: 6 T2B Taps

Min 5: 8 OH Hip Hinges 45/25