Volume accumulation. Form before intensity, except this statement generates a bit of confusion. Intensity as we know it is the most important variable in favorable adaptation. Intensity in gymnastics is relative to maximal effort though, not just going hard etc. So were looking for todays reps to be perfect, however the volume as it applies to maximal effort should require favorable intensity. If you're confused don't worry, everyone probably is. Its really just a long way of saying technique first, then and only then, intensity. For levers its easy to hit two reps boom, boom and call it a set. What were asking for is peak intensity with technique, so this will most likely mean lowering to your max angle of control, even if its just 2 degrees move as slow and deliberately as possible. 

For Form: 

10x2 Front Lever "Negative" Max Effort 

10x2 Back Lever "Negative" Max Effort