Max Grip Monday. Todays intention is to train the "elusive" false grip phenomena. More and more commonly we here the question or request to teach a Muscle up without a false grip. Typically because the athlete struggles with it, and subsequently they have seen their idol athlete have success without it. Lets clarify, its no unicorn. You don't just have it or you don't, its certainly not a birth defect. Like anything it requires training, and unfortunately its one of the more common things we see treated as an afterthought. Your grip is your attachment to your apparatus, its tantamount to your feet on the ground in a squat. You wouldn't just start squatting from your knees if your ankles troubled you, right? Well lets hope for the same attention to virtuosity of your grip. 

Max Effort 

A: ME False Grip Hold 

B: 5x 30% of Above 

C: ME False Grip Pull Up Hold (At sternum)

D: 5x 30% of Above