Max Effort Monday! 

Weight training for gymnastics is semi misunderstood. As it is defined gymnastics is mastery of your bodyweight, so it doesn't necessarily require increase in weight. So when should weight or resistance be added for training? Thats no quick answer, and a lot of opinions vary. The first general rule, is no weight should ever be added till movement is virtuous, and relative amount of volume is as well. Assuming for example your muscle up is spot on, and you haven't missed a rep in years, what is the value of "doing a heavier one"? Well for fatigue based training would be the first recommendation. The smaller the percentage of maximal effort your bodyweight is, naturally the work capacity increases. There is of course caveats to that, but we will save that lecture for later. The other reason is hypertrophy or muscular development. Given the compound nature of the muscle up you can get a lot of work done in just one rep. Its truly a case by case basis, and for todays work 7x1 Strict muscle up for perfection will be more than enough work for 90% of you, for the others, you may just fall into that other category. For the ring support if more than :10 seconds is possible with turnout, add momentum or a swing. 

A: 7x1 Weighted Muscle up 

B: 7x ME Ring Support

C: 7xME Ring Support Bottom