Max Effort monday! The only tedious part of today is understanding the value of training for perfection and not standards. Most of us can do large sets of muscle ups, and on game day thats very valuable. However when an "objective" standard is superimposed that number should drop exponentially. The question then becomes why? If I can do more of x than doing more of x in my training should mean that I can do more x on game day. Understandable confusion. However its not exactly accurate. Theres a common theme to see people training to the standards, as in any means necessary as long as they hit full extension, and pass through a dip, its a good rep. Knowing the difference between that, and virtuosity is often the missing link in a lot of training programs. For todays work, only perfect muscle ups count, not just locked out dips. 

A: 4x1 Max Effort Kipping MU *When swing breaks set is finished

B: 5x1 Max HS Hold on Rings