Max Effort Monday. The CFG Total!! Yes we have our own version of the Total, its been kicking around for a while. Much like a CrossFit Total its 3 attempts at a max, this time its just max reps. Except were still asking for technique. The goal here is not to do reps, for reps sake. We are looking for a max set of perfect reps. For the Muscle Ups, they are strict, feet together, eyes on the horizon, muscle ups. The HSPU can be freestanding or wall, but the feet must stay together, and they must be strict. L-sit is a true L, heels above hip, L-sit for max time.

CFG Total

3 Attempts for max reps of:

A)Max Reps Strict MU

B)Max Reps HSPU

C)Max L-Sit Hold