Gymnasty! Todays conditioning is a fun push pull couplet. Most of you are familiar with the “Death by” scenario, for those of you who aren’t it simply means to continue to add reps each minute on the minute until you cannot complain the required work. For Example todays work is 2 HSPU and 1 rope climb the first minute, 4 hspu + 2 Rope climbs the next, and so on till you cannot finish. For the Rope climbs any method is acceptable, leg or legless. For the HSPU practice what you’re proficient. Meaning if you can do a couple Free standing this workout is probably not where we work on them. Choose an option that will allow for fairly high volume with ideal form.

EMOM ladder for Reps of:

2 Hspu + 1 Rope Climb

4 HSPU + 2 Rope Climb the next minute

6 HSPU + 3 Rope climbs the following minute

8+4…. Etc till work cannot be complete